MDC: Is My Registration Tax Deductible?


Donations and funds raised from sponsorship are tax deductible (if over $2), however your registration is not tax deductible.

The ABN for DGR purposes is the MDC Foundation Ltd ATF Mother's Day Classic Foundation: 16 179 157 565.

The Mother’s Day Classic is registered as a separate charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status. This means all donation receipts will be issued by MDC Foundation Ltd as trustee for Mother’s Day Classic Foundation. All proceeds will be donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation towards breast cancer research. 

While the portion of your registration payment goes towards breast cancer research, you are participating in an event and therefor receiving a service. This means that event registration does not qualify as a tax deduction.

The Mother’s Day Classic is a morning to get together and do something healthy with family and friends and to celebrate and support those who have been affected by breast cancer. It’s also about raising money for the research that will defeat it.

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