How Do I Build A Campaign?


To build a Campaign, visit the 'Campaigns' tab located on the left hand side of the screen.  Then click the Create button.

Enter the Campaign settings including the Campaign Name which will be part of the Campaign URL. Make sure to select if the Campaign is open to all charities or only to specified charities.  Click the Next button to save changes and move on to the next step, Supporter Pages, or click the Cancel button to start at another time.


In the Supporter Pages tab, select the Campaign dates, Supporter Page details, and team creation abilities.  If the Campaign will have offline donations, these can only be added to Supporter Pages by the creator of the Supporter page.  Make sure to enable this feature by selecting the 'Allow Supporters To Record Offline Donations' box.


To receive notifications when a Supporter Page is created for this Campaign, make sure to add an email address in the 'Page Creation Notification' field. Click the green Next button to save changes and move on to the next step, Branding, or click the green Save for Later button to continue at another time.


The next step allows for creation of a Landing Page for the Campaign. A Landing Page is an optional addition to any Campaign. A Landing Page is a central website which contains an introduction to the campaign, photos, the total Campaign fundraising goal, sponsor logos, and more.  Everydayhero also generates leaderboards and Campaign progress bars which add a dynamic element to the fundraising initiative.

From this step, select "I Don't Want A Landing Page" if the landing page or website is hosted elsewhere, "Code Your Own" for complete control over the Landing Page, or "Branded Template" to follow the user-friendly guide.

In the "Page Content" section of the Branded Template, add an introduction, description of the event and/or the organization, photographs, logos, optional contact details, etc.


Below is an example of what the content section will look like on the Landing Page. 


Click the Advanced Landing Page Options box to customize search engine results or add custom CSS styles. Note the "Custom Domain Name" field is only to be used for domains purchased from a third-party provider. Click the Next button to proceed to the Branding settings, or click the Save for Later button to continue at another time.


The 'Branding' section of the Campaign build enables customization of the images and colors on the Supporter Page and Landing page. 

The entire Supporter Banner image should be 940px wide by 290px high.  Make sure to leave 270px at the far right to accommodate for the profile image of the page.

The Background image will override the background color if large enough. We recommend 2000px by 2000px for the Background image. Click the green Next button to save changes and move on to the next step, Activation, or click the Save for Later button to continue at another time.  Always make sure to click the Preview Landing Page button to view changes before saving and activating the page.


Below is an example of what a Landing Page looks like with the 'Branded Template'.


Once satisfied with the Campaign settings and appearance of the Landing Page, click the Activate Campaign button to begin fundraising, or click the I'll Do This Later button to save all changes and activate the campaign at a later time.


After activating or saving the campaign settings, the Campaign Overview tab will display a Signup Page preview, Supporter Page preview, the sign up link for fundraisers, and the Landing Page link.  If the Campaign is not activated, click the Activate button in the top right corner of the page.



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