How Do I Build A Landing Page?


A Landing Page is an optional addition to any Campaign. A Landing Page allows you to create an introductory page to your Campaign, share additional information, photos, Campaign goals, sponsor logos, etc. everydayhero also generates leaderboards and Campaign progress bars which add a dynamic element to your fundraising initiative.

If you wish to create a Campaign Landing Page, navigate to the 'Campaigns' tab on the left hand side of your screen and open the Campaign. You may select the 'Landing Page' tab on the left side of the page, or click the green Create Landing Page button.

When creating a Landing Page, you may choose to Code Your Own for complete control over your Landing Page, or you may select the Use a Basic Theme option to follow our user-friendly Campaign creation guide.

In the 'Landing Page' tab there are three sub sections - Theme, Content, and Settings. In the Theme section of the Landing Page creation, you may customize the colors of buttons and links with the 'Primary Brand Color', select a Page Background color, and upload additional imagery for the background of the page and a banner. These image dimensions are:

  • Banner image: 1140px by 716px
  • Background image: 2000px by 2000px

The Landing Page Background image will override the Background color if large enough. Click the green Preview button to view your Landing Page with the colors and images you have selected.

Click the 'Content' tab to proceed to the next step, or click the green Save for Later button to save your work.

In the 'Content' section you can add an introduction, description of the event and/or your organization, what you're trying to achieve, some photographs, logos, optional contact details, etc.

Below is an example of what content section will look like on the Landing Page. Click the 'Settings' tab to proceed to the next step, or click the green Save for Later button to save your work.

The 'Settings' section of the Landing Page will allow you to customize Google search settings, add custom CSS styles, or switch to the 'Code Your Own' template. Please Note the Custom Domain Name field is only to be used if you have purchased a domain from a third-party provider.

Once you are satisfied with your Landing Page setup, click the green Publish button to activate the page, or click the green Save for later button if you are not ready to publish the page. Once you have published the Landing Page, the Campaign Overview tab will display a Signup Page Preview, Supporter Page Preview, Campaign sign up link, and Landing Page link.


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