Your Guide to Brand New Reporting


We are thrilled to announce that we are about to release significant improvements to our reporting system for our New Zealand customers. 

What's new?
To provide you with a quicker access and more accurate data, we have consolidated most of the predefined reports into four improved reports:

  • Fundraiser report: The new fundraiser report will give you a complete view of all the data relevant to your fundraisers as well as a new group reporting feature.
  • Donation report: This improved version will provide you with more clarity on donation fees as well as details on donations from groups.
  • Regular Giver report: You will now be able to link the acquisition of a regular giver to a specific campaign, as well as seeing the expiry date of any regular giving.
  • Financial Statements: Your financial statements will remain accessible as usual. 

Please note that to provide you with more accurate data matching, we are making changes in the ID system we are using. 

If you are a Heroix customer and have existing custom reports in your account, these will still be accessible for download after the update. However, you won't be able to create any new ones as we have incorporated all the relevant data into the new, improved reports.

When will this happen?
These new reports will be available as of May 2017. Before that date, please make sure you:

  • Share this list of upcoming changes with anyone relevant within your organisation (database or CRM administrator for example).
  • Work out any new records mapping if required.

What's next?
This is the first of many exciting improvements we will be bringing to the platform between now and the end of the year.


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