How do I connect my Fitbit to my fundraising page?


Show your supporters how hard you are training by syncing your daily step total and workouts through to your fundraising page via Fitbit!

1. Firstly, you will need to be logged into both your everydayhero account and your Fitbit Account.

2. Make sure your everydayhero account is linked to Fitbit through your account settings as per the below instructions.

How to link your accounts:

1. Go to your everydayhero account.

2. Visit your Account settings and select "Manage Connections" 


3. Select the tick box beside the fundraising page where you want your workouts to appear and presto, you're done! 


Now, each and every step you do will be seen on your fundraising page, so your donors can see how hard you are training! 

Other things to note:

  • Please be aware that your steps do not appear immediately, they take a little while to get on your page!
  • All steps will be converted into meters travelled
  • Stride length is based on an average and is not calculated on your individual stride length
  • Please make sure you are regularly syncing to ensure the latest data is updated
  • Don't forget to share it to Facebook via the share button on your fundraising page!



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