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Join the world’s fastest growing event fundraising platform!

AU, NZ, UK, IE, and US charities are raising more money than ever through peer-to-peer fundraising thanks to Everydayhero’s leading online fundraising technology and services.

Fundraising in Australia and New Zealand’s largest major community events is easy when you join Everydayhero. Both the Standard and Heroix memberships give you access to over 300,000 potential fundraisers, plus thousands more through our AU and NZ Everydayhero websites.

Through fitness integrations, branded campaigns, API integrations, mobile responsive design,  dedicated support and more, Everydayhero helps you reach more people so you can raise more money. No other platform provides the same level of innovation, support and most importantly results making Everydayhero your #1 online fundraising partner.

Features Comparison

  Standard Membership Heroix Membership
Supporters can create online fundraising pages through Major Community Events Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Supporters can create online fundraising pages at everydayhero.com Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Your own, unique charity profile on everydayhero.com Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Blogging features available to supporters Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Mobile responsive, user-centric design Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Charity support via phone, email and live chat.  Fundraiser and donors via email and live chat. Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Fitness app integrations - FitBit, Strava and MapMyFitness Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Mobile friendly donation form that accepts donations via Credit Card and PayPal  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png 
Unique 'Donor Cover' feature which allows donors to cover transaction fees so that you receive 100% of their intended donation  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Access to comprehensive fundraiser, donor and financial reports that can be mapped directly to your CRM system  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Access to the everydayhero blog for non-profits, communications templates, webinars, tips and tutorials  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Regular giving  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Fully PCI compliant  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Ideal for events, community fundraising, program and regional fundraising, schools and corporate partnerships    Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Build full branded, mobile responsive fundraising campaign microsites and supporter and donation pages    Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Campaign tallies and leaderboards to show collective outcomes and drive friendly competition    Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Open API for external website integrations, tour trackers, distance leaderboards, and more    Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Event registration integration with Eventbrite, Tiktok, Reallbuzz, and Register Now    Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png
Complimentary Donor Pay (donate) button for your own website    Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_1.29.35_pm.png


Pricing Comparison

  Standard Heroix
Annual membership fee AU $600 | NZ $300 Please enquire
Average raised annual on this membership AU $13,000 AU $160,000
Average raised annually by out Top 100 Charities AU $70,000 AU $510,000

 In order to continue to provide a class fundraising platform to our charity partners, fundraisers and donors we also have service fees.


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