How do I process my outstanding pledge form?


You will still be able to process your donation pledge form via cash, cheque or BPay until the 28th of September. After this date, your pledge form will no longer be valid.

A pledge form is generated when you choose to donate via via cash, cheque or BPay to a Supporter page. It is linked to one particular Supporter page and gives you instructions on how to donate to your chosen cause.

To make a donation via your pledge form, please follow these steps -

Download your pledge form - this will have been emailed to you at the time of your pledge.

Your pledge form will look like this:

If you have chosen cash, print out your pledge form and take it with your cash, down to your local Australia Post office where they will process it for you

If you have chosen BPay, log in to your bank account, select BPay and use the Biller Code and Reference Numbers on the form

If you have chosen Cheque, either take it with your form to your nearest Australia Post office, or mail the form and your cheque to the address on the form

Once your pledge has been processed, you will receive a receipt to your email address. Please note, it can take up to 3 working days for these to appear on the fundraising page. 


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