How Do I Add An Image To My Supporter Page?

  1. Sign into the fundraiser account via
  2. Locate the Supporter Page under the “Fundraising” section of the dashboard.
  3. Hover over the Supporter Page tile and click the “Visit Page” button.
  4. supporter_page_creation.PNG
  5. Click the ‘Photo’ button located beneath the page Story.
  6. supporter_page_creation_30.PNG
  7. Click the green “Choose File” button and select an image to use.
  8. supporter_page_creation_campaign_6.PNG
  9. Crop the image if needed then click the green “Save” button located on the bottom right of the page.
  10. supporter_page_creation_31.PNG
  11. Type a post to describe the image if desired.
  12. Select the blue Facebook symbol to share the post on Facebook.
  13. Click the green “post” button to add the image to the Supporter Page.
  14. Supporter_page_creation_32.PNG
  15. The image will appear on the Supporter Page beneath the page Story.  The post may be shared on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the corresponding social media icon.
  16. Supporter_page_creation_33.PNG
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