How Do I Join A Team?

  1. Sign into the fundraiser account via
  2. Locate the Supporter Page under the “Fundraising” section of the dashboard.
  3. Hover over the Supporter Page tile and click the “Visit Page” button.
  4. supporter_page_creation.PNG
  5. Click the “Join an existing team” button located beneath the team section.
  6. Team_Page_Creation_10.PNG
  7. Enter the team name in the search field and click the black “Search” button.
  8. Team_Page_Creation_14.PNG
  9. Select the appropriate team name from the results and click the “Join this team” button located to the right of the team.
  10. Team_Page_Creation_11.PNG
  11. The supporter page will now appear in the list of Team Members on the team page. All donations and updates on the supporter page will appear on the team page as well.
  12. Team_Page_Creation_12.PNG


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