Are There Fees Involved With Everydayhero?


Let’s talk about fees

Everydayhero’s mission is to make giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable for nonprofits, supporters, and donors. Through our giving technology and partnerships with major community events, nonprofits can reach broader audiences, and offer their supporters enhanced fundraising capabilities.

The service fee associated with donations through our platform covers a range of operating costs and allows us to continue to provide the best and most innovative fundraising technology. It also enables us to maintain our security and data protection systems which are accredited annually at the highest possible level (PCI Level 1).

Donation Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are made up of the Everydayhero service fee + payment channel fee. 
Due to our unique platform feature called ‘Donor Cover’, the effective fee incurred by our charity partners is 2% or less on average – see more details below.


Everydayhero Service Fees Australia New Zealand
Standard Service Fees 6.5% 5.5%
Heroix Peer-to-Peer Campaigns 5.95% 5.0%
Heroix Appeal Campaigns 3.95% 3.95%
Donor Pay Website Donations 1.4% 1.4%
Recurring Donations $1 $1
Payment Channel Fees    
Mastercard and Visa 1.0% + 23 cents 1.8% + 23 cents
American Express 1.8% + 23 cents 2.45% + 23 cents
PayPal 1.10% + 53 cents 2.7% + 45 cents

N.B. Fees may vary when charities have elected to participate in premium third-party events

Reducing the Cost of Fundraising

As a fundraising platform, we understand that success comes with solid strategy, established expertise, meaningful support and best-in-class products and features. 

Here are a few of the ways Everydayhero helps reduce the cost of fundraising for our charity partners.

Donor Cover

On average, 78% of donors choose to cover the total transaction fees associated with their donation by selecting ‘Donor Cover’. This has effectively driven total transaction fees for our charity partners to below 2%. This makes us cheaper than most “free” platforms as payment processing fees typically exceed 2% per transaction.

Major Community Events

Our 30+ Major Community Event partnerships provide all Everydayhero members with the opportunity to fundraise within the events which their Authority to Fundraise applies. These mass participation events eliminate the logistical costs of running a physical fundraising event and offers our charity partners an easy, low-cost fundraising option.

Supporter Pages

Through dedicated R&D, our supporter pages have been designed to ensure maximum funds are raised. These features include clever social media sharing integrations, blogging, image and video sharing capabilities, behavioural email technology and more. Fundraisers can also track their fitness activities either manually or by using one of our fitness app integrations with Strava, MapMyFitness or Fitbit. Our research has shown that fundraisers who share their training journey raise 40% more than those who don’t.

Support Team

We like to think of our support team as an extension of your own fundraising team. Available via chat and email we are here to answer supporter and donor questions and help them succeed with their fundraising endeavours. All email queries will be answered within 24 hours and our first response time for chat is 30 seconds or less.

Customer Success and Account Management Teams

Our Customer Success and Account Management teams are full of passionate digital fundraising experts ready to help our charity partners exceed their fundraising goals. Available via phone, email, chat or in person they are ready to answer any questions our charity partners may have.

Additional Support and Services

All members of Everydayhero have access to the latest industry research, reports and trends to help them keep up-to-date with all things online fundraising. They can also utilise our In-house Digital Services Agency to help with their DIY, Signature Event or Major Community Event fundraising needs.

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