Changes to the Remittance Advice and Financial Transaction Statements


Your financial statements will remain accessible as usual. However, you will notice that we have made some small changes to the PDF which includes more information about your Gross and Net Remittance. 

The columns in the transaction report have also been rearranged and some renamed.

A brief summary of these changes include:

  • Organisation Name is now Charity Name
  • Transaction Type is now Donation Type
  • Hero is now referred to as "Supporter", however the data remains the same
  • Team Data added 
  • Donation UUID and Fundraiser UUID are now the most unique way of identifying your donors/ fundraisers
  • Salutation is no longer recorded to increase donor conversion
  • Cleared funds date is no longer recorded - please refer to Donation Date as all donations have been cleared on this date

To allow for this to sync seamlessly with your current database set up, please make sure you share this list of upcoming changes with anyone relevant within your organisation (database or CRM administrator for example so that they can work out any new records mapping if required.)

For information on when donations will to be remitted to your nominated bank account, please click here:

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