What Does our Membership Include?


Already empowering 5,000 organisations worldwide

Everydayhero empowers organisations and their supporters to raise money for the important causes they fight for. We provide you with not only the platform but also the tools, training, research to ensure you maximise your revenue and make the world a better place.

Standard members can raise money in 3 different ways:

  • Automatic inclusions in Major Public Events such as City2Surf
  • Supporter pages for year-round DIY fundraising
  • Direct donations from your own, public charity profile


40+ events available in Australia and New Zealand

As an Everydayhero member, you will be automatically included in all public events in states where your authority to fundraise applies.

You will also receive fundraising updates to view and measure your performance at a glance as well as tips, templates, and coaching to maximise your revenue.

Modern supporter pages for year-round DIY fundraising

DIY fundraisers are those supporters who choose to create their own fundraising activity for your cause, such as hosting a dinner party, hiking a trail or even shaving their head.

Due to their motivation, DIY fundraisers raise on average twice as much as event fundraisers. Everydayhero’s standard membership allows you to find and nurture those very special supporters by providing them with a platform to tell their story and raise funds.

Features include: blogging, video embedding, fitness apps integrations, social media sharing, mobile responsiveness.

Process donations easily and securely

Our standard membership allows you to collect direct donations via our best-in-class donation form.

Mobile responsive and user-friendly, it allows donors to cover the service fees to ensure your organisation gets 100% of the intended donation. It also allows you to create a relationship with your supporters through regular giving and email opt-in.

And because we care about the safety of your and your donors’ data, our platform is 100% PCI compliant.

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