Creating a Volunteering Goal


To start a volunteering goal:

1.  Visit our website

2.  Click the green "Start Now" button in the middle of the page

3. Enter information for your fundraising page:

Page Title: Enter a title for your fundraising page

Raise Target: Choose a goal amount from a listed preset or use the box on the far-right to enter a custom amount

Charity: Enter the charity you would like your donations to go to, then select it from the list. If you are not participating in one of the listed events, choose “I’m doing my own thing”

Your Name: Enter your full name

Address: Enter your street address. Once it populates from the list, you may select it. If your address contains an apt/unit/suite number, enter your address without it. Once you select your address from the list, you may enter your apt/unit/suite number into the Address 2 entry field

Agree to the terms and conditions by checking on the box next to “I agree to everydayhero's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service”

3. Create an account through Facebook or email:

• For Facebook: Click on Create With Facebook. You will be redirected to enter your Facebook email and password

• For Email. Enter your email address and a password you would like to use on everydayhero, then click on “Create With Email”


4. Once logged into your Dashboard, click "Create Volunteering Goal".

5. From there, you will choose the cause, the number of hours you want to volunteer and the time frame.  Click "Create" and you are once step closer to logging all that you give.  Remember, everything counts!


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