How do I connect Facebook or Twitter to my everydayhero account?


To enable you to see the impact your shares and tweets have on your favorite cause you simply need to connect your social media accounts to your everydayhero account.

There's two really easy ways to do this:

Option 1 - From inside your account

1. Sign in to your everydayhero account

2. Click on your name in the top right and select 'Account' from the drop down menu




3. Choose 'Manage Connections' from the menu




4. Click on Connect next to Facebook or Twitter



After your hit 'Connect' you will be directed to the respective network (facebook or twitter). Select 'allow' to confirm you wish to connect both accounts. You will then be returned to your everydayhero account.


To Edit Your Facebook Account Connection:

Navigate to Manage Connections and click on Disconnect, next to Facebook. Enter in a the new Facebook account  password to connect your page to that account. 


Option 2 - While posting on your supporter page

1. Sign in to your everydayhero account

2. Go to your supporter page and write your post

3. Select the icon(s) of the social network(s) you wish to share the post on, then click 'Post'




4. Click 'Connect' when prompted - if you selected both networks you will need to do this twice



After your hit the 'connect' button, you'll be directed out to either network where you will need to select 'allow' and confirm you wish to connect your accounts. You'll then be taken back to your page, where you will see your post.


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