Can I raise money for different charities?


Of course you can! An everydayhero supporter page will be linked to one charity only, as one page cannot be linked to many different charities (and their many payment processes!).

However we totally understand you may want to support several important causes. and it may be a little hard to choose! Therefore, what we DO suggest you do is creating an individual supporter page for each charity you wish to support, and link them together under a team name (usually your name!). That way. you are free to ramp up donations for one charity or the other, or share the link to your team page and your donors can choose!

How easy is it to create this awesomeness? Easy -

1. Head to our homepage -

2. Click "Start Fundraising" in the middle of the page.

3. Enter your email address, password, name and password. Click "Sign Up." Alternatively, sign up via Facebook.

4. Enter your charity, page name (Enter it as the name of your charity!), your preferred name, page expiry, birthday and address. If you cannot find the charity you wish to support, click here.

Click "Create Supporter Page."

5. This is what you will see once you have followed the prompts and made your page!

4. Repeat this process to create another page

6. From here, all that is left to do is join your pages together! Click "Create a new team" on the right hand side.


9. Give your team a name - your name is a good place to start!! and click "Create Team."

10. You then need to add your other charity to your team! Click "your name" in the top right hand corner, and go back to Dashboard. Click on your other charity.

11. Click "Join an Existing Team" on the right hand side. Search for your team name. Click "Join This Team."

12. You now have an awesome team page with supporter pages for both of your charities!

 Remember, you can share the URL to either supporter page, or share the URL to the team page and your donors can choose. To find out how to share your pages, click here.


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