How do I donate to a charity?


Once you have found the charity you are looking for, it is easy to show them some support! If you have not found the charity you are looking for, click here.

The charity profile give you some information regarding the charity, events you can participate in to support the charity and options to create a Supporter page or donate now.

First, visit the everydayhero website and use the search bar to find your charity

Once you have found the charity, follow these steps to donate -

1. Click "Give now" on the right hand side of the page


2. Fill out the amount you wish to donate and personal details.


3.Choose your payment method and click "Confirm & Pay"

 If you have chosen

   "Credit Card" or "Paypal" - Click here.


Once the donation has been processed, a receipt will be emailed to you and your donation. If you have not received a receipt, click here.


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