How do I create a team for my own event?


Raising money for your favourite cause with friends, family and colleagues is so much more fun than going it alone! You have more people to share the page with and your cause can reach a wider variety of people who can celebrate all our efforts as a whole!

To create a team page, follow these steps -

1. Visit our website -

2. On the top right hand side, you can choose to log in to an existing account or click "Get Started" if you're new to everydayhero . 

3. Visit an existing Supporter Page you've created or create a new one to begin setting up your team.

4. On your Supporter page, click "Create a new team" on the right hand side.

6. Give your team an awesome name.

7. Congratulations, you've just created a team page!

 HANDY HINT - Set aside one day when your whole team are free and offer up your services in return for donations! Wash cars, mow lawns, garage clear outs, anything you can think of that you can do to help others – do it. For more tips on how to raise money as a team, check out our blog.

If you would like to create a team for an event registered with everydayhero, click here.

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