Creating a leaderboard


Leaderboards can be used in a number of different ways to keep track of your supporters. You can use them to keep track of different teams and supporters across Multi Charity Events, or even your supporters who are supporting your charity outside of an event.

Part 1: Creating an Account for your Leaderboards

  1. Create an account for your leaderboards. Click here if you are in Australia or click here if you are in New Zealand. Enter an email address, name, password and phone number. You might like to use a generic email address, like and name the account Leader Boards to keep all your leaderboards in one place.

Part 2: Creating a Leaderboard

  1. Log into the account you would like to create the leaderboard in, or if you have just created your leaderboard account remain logged in.
  2. Visit the first page you would like to add to the leaderboard and click the "add to leaderboard" button located on the right hand side of the page. This button will appear on both individual pages and team pages. 
  3. Select the "New Leaderboard" option. This will add the page to your new leaderboard and direct you through to your leaderboard editing options. Here, you can load a profile picture for the leaderboard, update the name of the leaderboard and write a description.
  4. Now that your leaderboard is created, simply visit each page you would like to add and select the "add to leaderboard" option.

HANDY HINT:  Run a Hero Page Detail report before you start creating your leaderboard. This will give you the URL to your supporter's pages.

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