How do I change my Supporter page expiry date?


You can change the expiry date of your Supporter page really easily!

To extend your page and continue fundraising for your charity, please log in to your account, visit the page you want to update and and click "Edit this Supporter Page"


You'll now find your Page Option/s to edit, including the page Expiry Date.  Place your cursor over the date field and then, using the calendar, select a new date for your page to remain active for! 

Click Save Changes when you're done. 



Simple, right?  If your page has expired, you can choose to reopen the page by completing these steps as well. 

If you're having trouble making these changes, please contact Everyday Hero

HANDY HINT - We recommend you have your Supporter page active for at least one month after your event. This gives your donors lots of time to get on your page and show their support!

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