How is a team page created?


Creating a team in an event, whether it is one you are running or a Multi Charity Event partnered with everydayhero, is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

1. Visit your everydayhero charity profile page to choose the event. If you aren't sure where to find your profile, click here for Australia or here for New Zealand   and search for your charity name.

2. Once you have found your Charity Profile, choose the event you would like to create your team in and click on "join event"

3. You will need to enter a few details to get your fundraising account started - enter an email address (yours or a generic organisation one such as, a name (yours or the charity name), a contact number and a password so you can log back in. Alternatively, if you already have an account from a previous event, just use the  Log In  button on the  Sign Up  screen. 

4. Next, you will just need to enter a few more details to complete your  team leader   page - select the charity (if it is a Multi Charity Event) and a page name (do not enter the team name at this point). If this is a new account, you will also need to enter a date of birth and a postal address. Once all this information is entered, click on  Create Page

5. You will be directed to your  team leader  page, where you can then set up the  team page.  Just click on the create a new team link to the right hand side of your team leader page and enter your team name.


6. Congratulations, you have created your Charity Team Page. Now, just take the time to personalise it by clicking on the  edit this team page  button.



  • The account sign up process is how everydayhero gathers the information about your supporters that we pass back to your charity.
  • Remember, for Multi Charity Events, creating a team FUNDRAISING page, will not create a RUNNING team for the event. Contact the event organisers for more information on Running Teams.
  • Don't forget to remind your supporters to register for the event! Creating a supporter page will not register them for the event.
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