How can I get my nonprofit started on everydayhero?


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The fastest way to get your nonprofit started on everydayhero is to claim your charity's profile. You will need to confirm your E.I.N. and provide a complete image of a void check showing the name of your organization's account number for the compliance check. The entire application process takes about 15 minutes.

Once you've completed this process and we've completed our compliance checks, you'll receive funds that are raised and donated to your cause on a weekly basis. You'll have access to basic reporting through your admin account. Start encouraging your supporters to fundraise for you on everydayhero.

Have a specific campaign, project or event coming up? Ready to build your own branded campaigns for your nonprofit? With everydayhero Pro you can build unlimited branded campaigns to really get your supporters excited. Learn more about everydayhero Pro here.




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