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Here at everydayhero, we understand that sometimes your supporters might need a little bit of help in creating their supporter page or team page.

In this case, a you can certainly create their pages for them. Just forward the details of the page to your supporter after you have created their page, so they can manage the page/s at a later date.

To create a page on behalf of a supporter, follow these steps -

1. Make sure you have the following details. You will need these to create a supporter page on behalf of someone else -

- Personal details - Name, email address, contact phone number, address, date of birth.

- Page details - what do they want the page to be called (usually their name), team name details (if   required), a photo for the individual page and team page, a bit of information about the supporter/business to write in the "My Story" section.

2. Advise the person involved that they will receive an email as soon as their page is created. Tell them to disregard this email, and you will forward them more information when you have finished creating the page.

3. Now for the creation of the page!

a. Visit our website -

b. Click 'Get Started' on the top right hand side of the page.


   c. Choose to Sign Up via email.


   d.This is where you start to input personal information. Insert the details of the person you are creating the page for - email address, new password (this can be a generic one, they can change it later!), full name and phone. Click "Sign Up."


   f. On the next page, insert your charity name, the page name (usually the person's name, birthday (anything under 16 will require parental consent), and address. The page expiry date is not required if you are setting up the Supporter page through an event, as this is already chosen for you.Click "Create Supporter Page."

g. You have created your Supporter page! From here, you need to personalise the page. Click "Edit this Supporter page" on the right hand side. From here, you can upload a photo, change the page name or URL, update the goal donation amount and write a story about why the Supporter is raising money!

h. Your page will now look something like this -

i. You can now create a team page from this individual Supporter page. If you are not creating a team page or any further pages, please proceed to Step 4 below. Click "Crate a new team page" on the right hand side. Give the team a name (eg the name of the business), and click "Create Team."

j. You can edit the team page by clicking "Edit this team page" on the right hand side. From here, you can change the team name, team goal amount, team URL, upload a photo and add a story. Make sure you click "Save Changes" when done!

k. From here, you may need to add extra people to the team. Click "Person's Name" in the top right hand corner, and "Log Out" from the dropdown menu. To add more team members, follow steps B to H above, inserting the new person's information where relevant.

l. To add these new Supporter pages to the existing team, from the Supporter page click "Join an Existing Team" and search for the team name. Click "Join Team."

m. You will need to create a Supporter page and add the page to the team for each individual team member. Remember to LOG OUT of each Supporter page before you create the next one!

n. After you have created the Supporter pages and added them to the team, the team leader page (ie, the initial page you created will need to approve the team members. You can do this as follows -

   - Head to everydayhero -

   - Click "Log in" in the top right hand corner.

   - Enter the initial email address and password for the first page you created (ie, the team leader)

   - This will take you to the Supporter page. Click "Visit Team" on the right hand side, under the team name.

- You will see the team members waiting to be approved. Click the blue "Approve" button.


4. That is it! You've created your Supporter pages with a team! You now need to advise your Supporter/s of their page login details.

Send them an email telling them how to log in (you could even send them here), their username (which is their email!) and the password you have set for them. This is an easy way to set it for your Supporters -

  1. Head to your Supporter page - INSERT THEIR PAGE URL HERE
  2. Click "log in" in the top right hand corner
  3. Enter your email address - THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS EMAIL - and password - THEIR PASSWORD
  4. This will get you back into your account. If you would like to change your password, click "THEIR NAME" from the top right hand side and "Account" from the dropdown menu. You will be able to   change your password from here.

5. Finally, you will need to advise the team leader how edit their team page, if needed, and how to approve any further Supporter pages that join the team page.

This is a helpful link regarding managing Supporter and team pages - please click here.

Remember, if you are having issues, you can definitely contact us!




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