Why count everything?


Since we were founded, we have helped people all over the world connect with and support the causes they love.

We’ve partnered with thousands of Not for Profits and major events locally and internationally in our mission to make giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable.

It is a beautiful combination of these partnerships and our extensive and pioneering research programs that gives us a unique understanding into how and why people give and fundraise online.

From your supporters, we’ve learned that giving isn’t just about money. It’s also about the time, voice and effort that they give.

These things are important. They matter, they all count.

And we think they should be counted.

Because supporters have told us that what’s lacking in online fundraising is feedback and acknowledgement of their broader efforts and the ability to understand the personal impact they are having.

The idea that ‘everything counts’ and should be counted needs to be brought to life if we are going to help our charity and event partners offer the engaging and rewarding experience their supporters are asking for.

Recognising more of your supporters’ fundraising journeys will make them feel more connected, inspired and motivated. Simply showing more of the fundraising journey makes a huge difference and will help you raise more.


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