What is the Giving Footprint?


The Giving Footprint is central to how we count all your supporters give and raise. Each of your supporters has their own Giving Footprint within their user accounts.

The Giving Footprint is a dynamic visualisation of the effort, time, voice and of course money that your supporters have given and raised for the cause they love. It lets them track their giving patterns and acknowledges all that they give. 

It recognises effort by counting the hours they give when they volunteer, the voice they give when they tell their friends on social media about what they’re doing and your cause, and the effort they put in to training for events — as well as all the money they raise and give.

It supports our central idea that everything counts and should be counted.

The Giving Footprint collects data from the actions your supporters take on their supporter page, such as:

  • Social media shares
  • Page views
  • Donations received or given
  • Miles logged through MapMyFitness 

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