Top tips for raising money at school



  1. How much fun is it playing sport? How much more fun would it be if you could play sport AND raise money for your chosen charity? Hosting a mini sports tournament (soccer, cricket etc) is a great way to receive donations by just charging a small fee to take part as well as giving everyone a really fun day!
  2. Reckon you could be quiet for a whole day? If you are up for the challenge why not get people to sponsor you to keep silent? Ask your classmates to join you as well to help raise even more money!
  3. Do you go to school with people who enjoy eating cake? GREAT! With permission from your teachers simply ask a few of your friends (or friends parents) to help you bake up some cupcakes to take into school to sell to increase the amount of dollars on your supporter page.
  4. Does your school often put on concerts or plays? Why not ask if you can charge an entrance fee to support your cause, or even serve drinks in the interval with all profits to go to your supporter page?
  5. Who doesn’t like wearing their own clothes? Very few people, which is why asking if you are able to have a ‘Non uniform day’ at school is a great idea! In return for a small contribution to your supporter page all your classmates get to wear their own clothes to school.



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