Top Facebook money raising tips



  1. Create an event on Facebook (or if your activity isn’t happening at a particular time, create a group) and invite all of your friends to join – remember to include a personal message in your invite so they don’t just feel spammed. This is a great way to gather all your supporters and potential supporters in one area.
  2. On your event/group page don’t forget to suggest sponsorship amounts to your audience – take the pressure off them to just know how much to donate, be bold – tell them how much a few different amounts will help your cause (some high amounts, some low amounts).
  3. Post your supporter page link on Facebook! Let your friends know what you are doing and if they can’t donate – ask them to simply share the link to their network of friends – you want the most exposure possible for your supporter page.
  4. Include on your event/group on Facebook your story! Tell people what you are doing and for what cause and the reasons behind your endeavor. People will want to know, what you are doing is brilliant and you needn’t be shy about sharing it with your friends.
  5. Upload photos, show your Facebook friends you in action, show them pictures of the cause you care about – share your passion with them.
  6. Make a video! With the amount of camera phones around it is now very simple create a short video (2minutes is plenty) to show your face and speak to your willing audience! Really inspire them to want to help you raise as much as possible.
  7. Everyone seems to be on Facebook these days, including your charity! Find them, ‘like’ their page and post on their wall – connect with them. They will want to hear from you, trust us.


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