Top Tips for Using Instagram to Raise Money


  1. Capture your passion! Take photos that show the reason behind your decision to raise funds, images that represent the cause you care about and why. Let your donors/potential donors be aware of the importance of what you are doing.
  2. Behind the Scenes! Keep your followers in the loop with your preparation – if you are running a marathon, show them all those mornings and evenings you are sacrificing with humorous pictures and captions.
  3. Map your progress! Geotag your Instagram posts, it’s a great way to showcase where you’ve taken photos and also make them available for others who visit the same area to see you were there and find out what you were doing – really fun to use at large events like marathons!
  4. Show what you are doing! Upload photos of your event, this will really help when you are asking for donations after your event has taken place – proof of what you did and the fun you had doing it.
  5. Hashtag your photos. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your event and cause so that your images crop up in searches on Instagram.
  6. Share socially! Link your Instagram account to Twitter and Facebook so that when you upload a photo all your friends across all your networks can see and enjoy it.
  7. Screenshot your supporter page! Putting up a photo of your Supporter Page is a brilliant way to show your followers how they can donate! (also don’t forget to include your Page link in your accompanying comments)
  8. Tag your Cause! If your charity are using Instagram don’t forget to tag them in your photo comments to make them aware of what you are doing so they can get behind you as well!

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(Don’t forget to set up your everydayhero supporter page before the event to ensure your donors have a safe, simple way to donate – click here to get started!)

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