Tips for starting your fundraising in the new year

  • Make this THE year that you finally break that bad habit! You could even make a small bet with some of your more cynical friends. Everyday will be a struggle to resist the urges but if you break through not only will you be able to say “I told you so” but you’ll be able to claim and donate your winnings to your charity!


  • An oldie but a goodie: give up your daily coffee for a month. Detox the caffeine from your system and then donate the $4/day to your Charity – that’s $124 in just 31 days!


  • Replace old items in your home with the new ones you were lucky enough to receive for Christmas and donate the old items and any unwanted gifts to your local second hand outlet – you’ll have more space at home and someone else will benefit from some new essentials!


  • Make a firm decision: what’s your cause? Whether its kids and education, animal welfare or community services – giving back is more than just raising money – it’s effort you put in and time you spend. Kick off the New Year by visiting your local library, pet shelter or op shop and see if they need a helping hand!


  • Christmas and NYE festivities mean that you may have collected a few extra inches around the mid-section so it’s usually right about now that you start making promises to exercise more, right? Why not raise the stakes, round up your mates and challenge them to a weekly fitness tournament - charge a $5 entry fee and then donate to the winner’s favourite charity!




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