10 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! During the holidays, everyone is focused on sharing happiness with others and spending time with their loved ones. It’s also a great time of year to give back to the community around you. There are several fun and easy ways to incorporate giving into your seasonal festivities no matter how you spend them! Here are a few ways that you can share some holiday cheer this year.


Send a Care Package

For members of the military, holidays are often spent overseas and far away from loved ones. Help make the season a little brighter by sending a care package. A little reminder of the comforts of home can go a long way in brightening their holiday season.


Sponsor a Family

For families that have fallen on hard times, the holidays can be daunting. This year, reach out to local charities or religious organizations to see if they have any families you can sponsor. Many organizations allow companies to sponsor multiple families, so you can get your coworkers involved, as well!


Phone a Friend

Not everyone has the ability or means to make it home to their families for the holidays. So, offer a spot at your dinner table to your friends who may otherwise have to spend the holidays solo. There’s always room for one more!



Do you enjoy cooking? Volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and help prepare their meals. Many people rely on these organizations for their only healthy meals. Even if you’re not much help in the kitchen, you can also offer to serve the food or clean up.


Appreciate and Educate

Many schools receive enthusiastic support from volunteers and donors in August and September when children are going back to school. But as the first half of the year dies down before the holidays, some school supplies may be diminished. Talk to your local schools and offer to replenish their supplies for the year ahead.


Pay it Forward

Running through the drive thru on your way to finish up Christmas shopping? Pay it forward! Whether you’re getting coffee or picking up a sandwich, offer to pay for the car behind you in line. It’s a small gesture that could make someone else’s day.


Give Thanks

Many families enjoy going out to eat in the days leading up to Christmas. Remember to appreciate the people who are feeding you! Take a moment to say “thank you” for their work and throw an extra few dollars onto your usual tip.


Winter Cleaning

Have your children out grown their clothing? Go through your closets and donate all of those articles of clothing that don’t fit anymore to charity. Your extra clothing could be a great holiday present for someone in need.


Bake Cookies

Are you an ace in the kitchen? Take your baking skills on the road! The holidays can be a lonely time for those in nursing homes, so why not bake a few extra batches of your favorite holiday cookies to share? Just a few cookies can brighten up someone’s day.


Be a Good Neighbor

Everyone loves a white Christmas! However, it can make trips around town—or even just to the mailbox—precarious. If you’re already shoveling your own driveway or sidewalk, offer to do the same for your neighbor. It’s a great way to work off those extra calories from holiday cookies while giving back!


Ready to give back? Create an everydayhero profile today and start tracking all the ways you’re doing good in the world. Happy holidays!

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