Seven Top Tips for Raising Money at Work


To help make fundraising as fun and easy as possible, we’ve brought together some great ways to get your colleagues and workplaces involved in the causes you love. Most Americans spend over 40 hours a week in an office, so what better place to get others behind your favorite charity? Use these seven tips to jumpstart your fundraising today!

  1. People will rarely say no to cake. Hold a bake sale in your office as an afternoon treat and ask for a donation to your fundraising page in return. Set up your laptop right next to the baked goods to make it even easier!
  2. Ask your employer if they have any matched giving schemes or are willing to donate to your fundraising page – it may be tax deductible and can get that one large donation to really kickstart your fundraising.
  3. Hold a raffle with benefits! Offer up prizes that you know your colleagues would love to get: offer to get their morning coffee for a week, a free weekday lunch date with senior management or one month’s use of the best parking space! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to put in a little hard work to get the most participation from everyone.
  4. Hold a dress down day and charge $5 per person for your whole office to go casual for the day. Simple.
  5. Auction off the chance to “Be the boss for an afternoon” (check with your manager first!). Your colleagues might relish in the chance to act as senior staff (best not to do this, however, if your boss is a surgeon/pilot/lion tamer).
  6. Get a few of your friends to cook a dish and hold a staff lunch event. Charge an entrance fee, saving everyone the hassle of bringing in their own packed lunch or having to go in search of delicious food elsewhere.
  7. Ask your colleagues to sacrifice their morning coffee just one day a week and donate the amount they would have spent to your fundraising page.

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