Top Tips for Raising Money as a Team


Let’s be honest, weekends, celebrations, and life in general is better when spent in the company of good friends, wouldn’t you agree? The same can be said about taking on a particular fundraising challenge, charity race, and so on. By teaming up with friends to raise money for your charity of choice, you’ll remain motivated and have more fun in the process. With that in mind, we created a team fundraising cheat sheet to help you and your friends raise money together and have a blast in the process.

1. Show off that awesome team spirit! Make creative t-shirts that showcase your team’s enthusiasm and pride for your cause. Choose an inspiring quote or a funny logo that will keep your team pumped and don’t forget to include a link to your fundraising page to help drive support for your cause. Get your #1 fans — your friends and family — involved by selling your shirts to them with all proceeds going to your team’s supporter pages. Better yet, when your family and friends wear the t-shirts, they are also helping you reach a larger audience and promoting your cause. Talk about win-win!

2. Create posters with your Team Page link and spread the love (and awareness) around your local area.

3. Send a little note to the local media promoting your team page and include a picture of your team having fun. You never know…you could get on the news, which will help your cause reach an even larger audience!

4. Host a get together for your team, such as a trivia night or a bbq, and invite family and friends. Celebrate your passion for your charity of choice and the effort your team has put forward with laughter and good company!

5. Set weekly or monthly goals for each member of your team. This will help to spread your message further, push momentum forward and keep your team motivated. Goals can include making a donation to your own page regularly to show your commitment to the cause, networking goals (i.e. plans to send out your supporter page to friends and family), social sharing goals (social media will be your best friend!), or plans to get your employer involved by matching your donation.

6. At events unrelated to your fundraising efforts, ask friends face-to-face to make a donation via their mobile phone. We are all busy, so asking someone in person is a sure fire way to encourage them to donate!

7. Give donors and potential donors a peek into the hard work that has gone into your efforts behind the scenes. For example, share photos from your early morning training runs on, or join the selfie craze and take a shot of you or your friend in your team shirt. You can even post them on Facebook and Twitter to help further your reach.

8. Find a day where your entire team is available to come together and host an event to raise money. Bust out your elbow grease and host a car wash to get the community involved.

9. The more people you have helping spread your cause, the better. Ask your friends and family to share your supporter page far and wide through social networks, emails, work, and so on. Remember, everything counts and your family and friends will be your biggest assets!

10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Don’t forget, not only are you raising money for a great cause, but you are also doing it with friends to share the joy in your passion for the charity.

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