How do i create a team for an event registered with everydayhero?


Raising money for your favourite cause with friends, family and colleagues is so much more fun than going it alone! You have more people to share the page with and your cause can reach a wider variety of people who can celebrate all our efforts as a whole!

Firstly, make sure you're registered to participate in the event.  You can find a list of major events powered by everydayhero by visiting our website and clicking "Events" in the bottom right hand side of the page.

From there you will be able to browse through all the major events scheduled in your state.

 You'll be prompted to activate a supporter page once you're registered for the event.

Now let's begin creating your team page!

1. On your supporter page, click "Create a new team" on the right hand side.

2. Give your team an awesome name.

3. Congratulations, you've just created a team page!

4. Because you created the team page, you're now the team leader. You can invite other people to join the team, or people can request to join the team from their own Supporter pages ("join an existing team"). New team members will have their membership pending until you have approved them to join, via the team page (don't forget to log in to view this option!).

HANDY HINT: Remember, creating a Supporter page is not registering for the actual event! To register for the event, please go to the event website directly.

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