How can we encourage our supporters to raise more?


You may  have noticed that some of your supporters set up pages, but the amount raised stays at $0. Or they may  get a few donations at the start, but then these drop off before they reach their goal. 

These supporters can find that the idea of raising money becomes overwhelming, and they may not know where to start, or how to keep going once they have started.

Take the time to target these fundraisers in your communications. Send them an email with some simple tips to get them going and if they have raised money, don't forget to congratulate them on their efforts so far.

Let them know what your charity will be able to do with the money they are aiming to raise - for example if their goal is $500, tell them what $500 will help your charity do. This will help motivate your supporters.

We have prepared some handy hints and tips for supporters, so please feel free to use these in your communications.  Just click here

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