Customisation of social media links


Yes, different links to Twitter or Facebook, or additional links such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ can be added to your campaign. Here is what we recommend doing.

  1. Get your icons ready. Your design team may like to create these or they can be obtained from the social media platforms.
  2. Go into the edit microsite section of the campaign and select the downloads tab.
  3. Click on "add new asset" then add the icons  you want to use. Untick the checkbox and update the campaign.
  4. Return to the downloads tab. Each icon  will now have a URL you can use to insert the image. Copy this URL then go to the site design tab.
  5. Click on the insert image button and past the URL in. Adjust the icon size if needed.
  6. Once each icon has been inserted, click on it then select the hyperlink option and paste your social media link in. Update the campaign once you are done.


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Insert alternate social media links into the secondary content area.

When using alternate social media links, switch off the existing ones for your campaign first.

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