How can our organisation create a page on behalf of a Supporter?


Here at everydayhero, we understand that sometimes your supporters might need a little bit of help in creating their supporter page or team page.

In this case, a you  can certainly create their pages for them. Just forward the details of the page to your supporter after you have created their page, so they can manage the page/s at a later date.

To create a page on behalf of a supporter,  follow these steps -

1. Make sure you have the following details. You will need these  to create a supporter page on behalf of someone else -

- Personal details - Name, email address, contact phone number, address.

- Page details - what do they want the page to be called (usually their name!), team name details (if   required), a photo for the indiviudal page and team page, a bit of information about the supporter/business to write in the "My Story" section.

2. Advise the person involved that they will receive an email as soon as their page is created. Tell them to disregard this email, and you will forward them more information when you have finished creating the page.

3. Now for the creation of the page!

a. Visit our website

b. Click on the Sign Up button in the right hand corner 


c. This will take you to the Sign Up screen where you can enter your supporter's details


d. Choose the option to Sign Up with Email and then enter your supporter's name, email address, phone number and a password so they can access their account.

e. Once you have signed them up, you will be directed to the account dashboard. From here click on the option to create a new fundraising goal.

f. Now you can search for you charity name and get the page set up!

g. Once you have located your charity, simply click on the name and follow the prompts to get the page started.

Now you have created your supporter's page! You can email them the details and they can get started by logging in and editing their page!

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