Top tips for raising money using Twitter



  1. Tweet your supporter page link to your followers! Include in your tweet ‘Please ReTweet’ to encourage them to do so! You can tweet your page link more than once, don’t bombardyour followers but make sure you don’t let them forget about the fantastic effort you are putting into raising money for your important cause.
  2. Update your twitter ‘bio’ to include your fundraising story, and whilst you are editing your profile why not add your supporter link in as your dedicated website.
  3. @message your friends, celebrities (and your charity if they are on Twitter) – ask them to retweet your link – this way you are getting exposure to their followers as well! (you will be surprised at how many people will agree to do this!
  4. Compose a 140 character message to ‘direct message’ your followers on – you can make this more personal as it won’t be public and you can choose who you send it to. Tell them about your supporter page and cause, ask for their support – get their help to spread your inspiring venture.
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