Giving Things Up to Raise Money for Your Cause – Top Tips


We all know how hard it can be to give up something you enjoy to help raise money for a cause you care about, but stick to our top tips to help you along :)

  1. Safety in numbers! Get your friends and family involved, the moral support of others also going without will really help pick you up on those low days.
  2. If you have given up a certain food or drink to raise money (go you!) then make sure you replace it with something far more healthier so there isn’t just a big gaping void to remind you of what you are missing  e.g replace chocolate with fruit (okay not a great substitute but you get the idea)
  3. Let everyone know what you are doing! Print off business cards with your Supporter Page link on it and a small description of what you have given up and why to hand out to people when they inquire about your particular abstinence.
  4. If you are abstaining from an activity you normally did (like drinking beer in a pub or buying lunch) then make sure you choose another fun activity to do to take your mind off it! Taking up an exercise is a great way to fend off any negative thoughts e.g Yoga or Swimming.
  5. Reward yourself! Even before your time of abstinence is up just treat yourself to a movie ticket, or a nice meal to keep your enthusiasm going!
  6. Tell people, send out personalised emails (don’t forget to include your Supporter page link) to round up those around you for support, don’t just spam your address book. Those few minutes spent making that connection to an email recipient can really make all the difference.
  7. Don’t worry! If you do break and end up doing or having what you had promised to give up, just pay a fine (donate to your Supporter Page) and carry on for the rest of your time commitment – don’t let one slip ruin all the hard work you have put in already!

Don’t forget to set up your everydayhero supporter page before the event to ensure your donors have a safe, simple way to donate – click here to get started!

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