Top Tips for raising money for the cause you love in the New Year


We all know it can be hard to find the motivation to do anything in the new year apart from recover from the festive period but why not use all that sugary energy to do some good :)

happy new year

1. Start the new year with a health kick! Why not give up alcohol for the month of January and get your friends and family to sponsor you for showing such restraint! Your favourite charity benefits and your liver – win win!

2. Still need a way to make up for holiday period rest? Why not commit to exercising at least 4 times a week and for every session you make you can donate a small amount to the cause you care about, but for every session you miss you donate double that amount – it’s all about incentive :)

3. Did you receive far too many presents this year or just looking to have a clear out? Why not make a trip down to your local charity shop and donate them to help out those less fortunate than yourself.

4. Looking for yet more ways to burn off all that extra energy? Get in touch with some of your local charities and volunteer your time, causes are always grateful for an extra pair of hands this time of year. Do good, feel super :)

5. Sick of sickly treats? Why not rustle up some healthy snacks and bring them into your office and host a ‘be good bake sale’. Your colleagues will thank you for the delicious non excessive food and in return make a donation to your charity. For healthy snack ideas check out these –

6. If you are still feeling like you need to do more whilst raising funds for the cause you care about why not offer to do chores for your friends and family? Offering to mow their lawn or take their excess rubbish to the tip in return for donations is a great, simple, feed good way to reach your target :)


Don’t forget to set up your everydayhero supporter page before the event to ensure your donors have a safe, simple way to donate – click here to get started!

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