Our Top 10 Festive Fundraising Tips for 2014


Top Festive Fundraising Tips 2014

Wow! Is it really that time of year already?

We can all feel so bogged down with work/life commitments that we forget the true meaning of the festive period.   Let this year be your chance to give back to your beloved community and pay it forward with some merry giving.

At everydayhero we love our lists, so we’ve put together our top 10 festive fundraising tips for you below -

  1. Hold a Block/Street Garage Sale – love thy neighbour and together, sell your pre-loved items and donate all profits to a worthy cause.
  2. Xmas Bake Off – In exchange for tasty treat, why not ask for a donation to your fundraising page? The best way to someone’s (giving) heart is through their belly of course!
  3. Sausage Sizzle – who doesn’t love a good ole barbie? Gather your friends together and hold a sausage sizzle. A few precious extra $$$ raised for a good cause and everyone leaves with a full belly – it’s a win for everyone.
  4. Games Night - Fancy a game of Monopoly? Everyone does! Host a competitive games night with the buy-in being a donation to your charity.
  5. Volunteer – Lend a helping hand and give your time to those who need it most.
  6. Have a Supporter page? Share the link to your supporter page when you send out your Christmas cards. Express how you feel about your cause and why you are fundraising over Christmas. If you know that one of your potential donors will not be able to make a donation online, insert a copy of the offline pledge donation form downloadable from your supporter page alongside the Christmas card
  7. Host a Christmas Party - Invite guests to leave their spare change in a big bowl at the front door. Sell hand-made tree decorations and foods. Run competitions that involve prizes.
  8. Keep it interesting on social – Mix up your Facebook and Twitter posts and keep them different and interesting each day. Use images and YouTube videos wherever you can. If you’ve got a funny side, let it shine!
  9. Ask the local café’s/bar’s/restaurant’s to keep a fundraising tin on their counter for you. No one wants a bunch of spare change, so you might as well have it!
  10. Follow up on promises – we live in a very busy, fast-moving time which means that sometimes good intentions can become forgotten when other matters become more urgent. Make sure that you follow up on promised donations. Sometimes our most generous supporters just need a gentle reminder.

It certainly is the season to be jolly and also to reflect on the year that we have had.  What we do with our lives changes slightly with each new year, there’s still time to make a difference in 2014 and begin growing a solid giving foundation for the year to come. Get involved, everything counts!


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