Fundraising 101: The Best Ways to Use Twitter


At everydayhero, we want to help you give back to the causes that are closest to your heart, as effectively and meaningfully as possible. Introducing Fundraising 101, a series that showcases our fundraising tips. Got a question, or suggestion? Contact us on Facebook or Twitter! 

Get the word out.

Start simple: tweet your supporter page link to your followers! Include a request for your followers to retweet, too, to spread information about your efforts even further. You can definitely tweet your page link more than once, but don’t bombard your followers. Think of it as a little reminder — your don’t want your followers to forget about the great effort you are putting into raising money for your important cause.

Your cause, front-and-center.

Show your dedication to your cause, and spread even more awareness, by explaining your efforts in your Twitter bio. By making your “About me” about your cause, and the reason it means so much to you, you’ll further inspire your followers to spread the word. Another easy way to drive traffic to your supporter page? Make the link your “dedicated website” on your Twitter profile.

Direct connect.

Don’t just rely on mass tweets to all of your followers. Be sure to @message your friends, your charity, and even celebrities who have shown an interest in your cause.  Make sure to explain why you are so passionate about the cause. Ask them to retweet your link — you’ll get exposure to their followers, and raise even more awareness. Plus, it’s a great excuse to reach out to some of your favorite stars… it’s a win-win!

A personal touch.

Get even more personal by reaching out to particularly influential followers using Direct Message. You can’t include a link to your supporter page, but you can make it a more personal message, just for them. Let them know why your cause means so much to you and explain your current fundraising efforts — with a DM, you can both ask for their support, and see if they are interested in reaching out to their networks, too.

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