Email template: encourage your fundraisers


Once a fundraiser has created a page and started fundraising, it’s important to provide ongoing support and encouragement.

Use this email template to encourage your fundraisers who have signed up to support you in a major community event.

  • This kind of communication should be tailored and set on a regular basis in the event lead up.
  • consider calling every fundraiser to see what further support you can offer.
  • Consider segmenting your fundraisers into active (raised $1+ and inactive (have not raised anything). Customize the copy in each to suit.
  • Use and customize this email template to suit your needs.

Target audience

People who have signed up to support you in a major community event.

Subject line

Keep your [EventName] fundraising going!

Email body copy

Dear [FundraiserName],

Thank you for supporting  [Nonprofit] in [EventName] this year. There’s only [Number] weeks to go until the event - we hope your training is going well! The hard work of you and other fundraisers has helped  [Nonprofit] raise [$TotalRaised] so far. The money raised from  [EventName] will go towards helping us ensure [Details on how funds will be used].


By supporting  [Nonprofit] you’re helping [Your charity’s mission].

[Include a short personal story and photo about someone/something that has been helped by the money raised]


Did you know? Fundraisers that customize their fundraising page by adding photos, videos and blog entries raise more funds. So, what are you waiting for? Sign in to everydayhero and update your fundraising page now.

[Keep changing the fundraising tips to keep them fresh]


Every dollar you raise does make a difference! Keep emailing the page link to your everydayhero fundraising page to your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to support your efforts in [EventName]. Fundraising really is as simple as sharing your passion for [Your charity’s mission].

Thank you so much for making a difference and good luck.

Kind regards,

The team at  [Nonprofit]


everydayhero  has  plenty of other resources to help you coach and encourage fundraisers in major community events. They include email templates, tips and examples.

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