Fundraiser resource: asking friends and family to give


Provide the copy in this template to your fundraisers as a resource to help them raise more.

Remember to customize the email with your charity’s mission and dollar amounts before you make this resource available to your fundraisers.

Subject line

Help me reach my  [EventName]  fundraising target

Email body copy

Dear [FirstName],

As you may already know, I’m participating in [EventName] this year. I’m really excited about competing - so wish me luck!

A big part of [EventName] is raising much needed funds for charities. I’m supporting  [Nonprofit] - a wonderful organization that is working hard towards [Your nonprofit's mission].

I would really appreciate it if you would sponsor me through my everydayhero online fundraising page. I’m aiming to raise [DollarAmount] will allow [Nonprofit] to [what the money will achieve]. Every dollar counts and even a donation of as little as [DonationAmount] will [what the donation will achieve]. So don’t be shy!

It’s really easy to give online and you get a receipt for your donation emailed straight to you. Just click on the below link to visit my fundraising page.

[Fundraising Page URL]

Thanks so much for your help.



everydayhero  has  plenty of other resources to help you recruit fundraisers in major community events. They include email templates, tips and examples.

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