Step 2: Coach & encourage your fundraisers


The three steps of successful event fundraising with Everydayhero are Recruitment, Coaching & Encouragement and Thanking. The diagram above is a 10-week plan which shows you what tasks to complete in each week leading up to an event. 

The resources on this page will help you with the second step, Coaching & encouraging your fundraisers.

Start your coaching and encouragement at least 6 weeks before the event begins. In this step, you aim to:

  • Maintain regular contact with your fundraisers to keep them motivated. Motivated fundraisers raise more for you.
  • Coach them to learn the fundraising skills which will make them successful.

1. Encourage supporters often

Make sure you maintain regular contact with your team of fundraisers. You can do this by phone, email and social media.

Aim to contact your fundraisers in weeks three, five, seven and eight at a minimum.

Download the below email templates. Customise and use them to motivate and encourage your fundraisers.

Encouragement email  Final push email

2. Coach them how to succeed

Peer to peer fundraisers are often not confident (knowing what to do) or committed (willing to do what needs to be done).

It is your job to inspire them so they are willing to take action. Then, coach them to take the right actions. 

  • Encourage them to set a higher target. Fundraisers who increase their target from the default raise more.
  • Ask them to link their Strava, FitBit or MapMyFitness account with their fundraising page and share their training runs.
  • Add a personal profile photo and story to their fundraising page.
  • Coach them to share their page frequently.
  • Remind them to tell their sponsors what meeting their fundraising target would help you achieve.
  • Keep giving them inspiring information about how they are helping your cause.

3. Regularly ask your fundraisers to share their page link

The more often your fundraisers share the link to their fundraising page, the more they raise. Ask them to share their page link in all of the following ways: 

  • Direct email to everyone they know
  • Facebook direct messages to all their friends
  • Facebook wall posts
  • Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest 
  • Other social networks
  • Posters on noticeboards at their school, community centre or workplace

Download the below resource. Give it to your fundraisers to help them ask their friends and family to make a donation.

For your fundraisers

4. Post about their efforts on social media

Use your social media accounts to post about the efforts of your fundraisers. Talk up their achievements so far and show off their good work.

See an example below:


Next step: Thanking

As soon as the event concludes, thank your fundraisers and their sponsors. Do this in the two weeks after the event.

 See next steps

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