Email template: Thanking fundraisers after an event


Use this email template to thank your fundraisers for all they have done for your cause. 

Let them know they are appreciated for what they have done. It's especially important to recognise them for everything they gave - their effort, voice, sweat, calories burned - as well as the money raised. It all counts.

  • Send this email as soon as possible after the end of the event.
  • Consider phoning them for a more personal touch, if you can.
  • Use and customise this email to suit your needs.

Subject line

Thanks for supporting us in [EventName]

Email body copy

Dear [FundraiserName],


Thank you so much for running and supporting us in [EventName] this year.

Thanks for your time and effort, spent training and running. The voice you gave to our cause. Your sweat, calories and miles.

And of course, thank you for the [DollarAmount] you raised.


Collectively, you and Team [Charity] in [EventName] has helped to raise [DollarAmount]. The money will be used for [what the money will achieve].

We're looking forward to sharing our progress on this project with you in future!

Thank you again for your help. We hope you enjoyed being a part of Team [Charity].

Kind regards,

The team at [Charity]


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