About Supporter Messaging


Supporter Messaging allows you to send direct messages to the online supporter pages of your supporters who are fundraising for you in either your own Heroix peer-to-peer events, or a major community event. Supporter Messaging allows you to send them direct messages of encouragement, advice and thanks to your supporters to keep them engaged with their page and fundraising journey.

Supporter Messaging allows you to set up advanced segmentation and targeting options such as page creation date, amount raised, percentage of goal reached, or by Supporter type (individual Supporter, Team Member, Team Leader). Your message can include imagery and YouTube video links as well as text.

Here is a sample message that incorporates an image and text:

The Supporter Messaging module is an optional module available to all of everydayhero’s Heroix members.

If you don't currently use Supporter Messaging and would like to add it to your membership, get in touch!

Want to know more? Check out more Supporter Messaging FAQs here!


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