Creating a new supporter message


You can set a new message up in a matter of minutes! 

Once you have logged in to your account, just go to the "Messaging" tab:

Then, click on the "New Message" option:

The first step is to select the "Sender". This will determine who the email notification received by supporters will be "From".

  • Campaign - This sets the sender as your campaign or event name
  • Network - This sets the sender as your network name (this will be the same as your charity name, unless you have had a special network name set)
  • Charity - This sets the sender as your charity

Once you have chosen your Sender, pick the campaign/s you would like your message to be sent to. Just drag and drop from the right hand column over to the left hand column.

Once you have chosen your campaigns, you can write your message.

HANDY HINT: You can include an image or a Youtube Video in your message. For an image, browse for your selected image. For a video, just paste the URL into the text box.

The final step is setting your recipients. 

  • Public sharing - turning this option on allows supporters to share the message with people who visit their page
  • Page creation date - You can send your message to supporters who have created a page within a certain date range
  • Amount raised - You can target supporters with messaging based on how much they have raised
  • Percentage of goal - You can send your message to supporters who have achieved a certain percent of their goal: for example 50%
  • Fundraising page UID - You can choose to send your message to specific pages using the page UID available via your reposts
  • Membership status - You can target supporters based on whether they are an individual, a team leader or a team member

When you are ready, just hit send!


Want to know more? Check out more Supporter Messaging FAQs here!


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