filtering and segmentation options


Supporter Messaging offers a range of useful segmentation and filtering options to ensure that your message reaches only the supporters that it is aimed at.

Page Creation Date

This allows you to specify a period in which a supporter page has been created. To ensure that you capture everyone within your chosen period, just select the date after the final date you wish to include.

So, if you wanted to send a message to supporters who created their page between 1/7/15 and 7/7/15, set the date range for 1/7/15 to 8/7/15.

Amount Raised

Allows you to send your message to supporters who have raised a certain amount. You can also use this function to target supporters who have yet to start fundraising.

Percentage of Goal

This function allows you to target supporters via the percentage that they have raised of their goal, rather than a set dollar amount.

For example, this function can be used to target supporters who have reached 50% of their goal.

Fundraising Page UID

The fundraising page UID filter allows you to accurately target specific pages. If you choose to use this filtering option, we recommend only using this as your only filter for that message. 

To filter by page UID, first run a custom fundraising page report for the campaign you are sending the message to and include the fundraising page UID column. Once the report has run, paste the UIDs into the box under this filter option.

HANDY HINT: Make sure you keep a master file of the pages you have sent your message to - that way you can compare it each time you are ready to send a new message and ensure that supporters don't receive the same message twice.

Membership Status

There are 4 membership status options that you can filter by:

1 - Individual pages: This option will send the message to supporters who are not part of teams.

2 - Member pages: This option will send the message to supporters who are members of team fundraising pages.

3 - Leader pages: This option will send the message to supporters who are leaders of team pages.

4 - Team pages: This option will send the message to team pages.


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