Email template: Recruit past fundraisers


Use this email template to recruit fundraisers in major community events.

  • This template is specifically for people who have previously fundraised for you in some other kind of peer-to-peer activity.
  • Use and customize this email template to suit your needs.

Target audience

People who have raised money for you in the past in a peer-to-peer activity.

Subject line

Support us in this year's [EventName]

Email body copy

Dear [FundraiserName],


In previous years, you have been among an amazing group of people who have raised funds for  [Nonprofit].

We are really grateful for your support and wanted you to know that the money you have raised has helped us ensure [Details on how funds are used].


Your ongoing support means a lot to us, so we wanted to let you know about a new opportunity for you to keep making a difference. You can help by fundraising for  [Nonprofit] in the [EventName] on [Date].

Money raised from [EventName] will continue to fund important programs such as [Details on how funds will be used].


  1. Register now to compete in [EventName].
  2. Make your participation count by raising money for [Nonprofit].

During the registration process, you can select to fundraise for  [Nonprofit] and set up your own fundraising page with everydayhero. It’s easy!

The really exciting thing about using everydayhero is that you can track everything that you give – from your voice (social posts and shares) to your effort (the time you spend training for [EventName]), to the money you raise…it all counts.

Thank you again for your support.

Kind regards,

The team at  [Nonprofit]


everydayhero  has  plenty of other resources to help you recruit fundraisers in major community events. They include email templates, guides and examples.

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