Email template: final fundraiser encouragement before event


When an event or campaign is about to finish, it helps your fundraising if you urge your supporters to give their fundraising one last push.

This communication aims to encourage participants to send their family and friends one final email blast.

  • Send this email in the week before the event
  • Consider segmenting your fundraisers into active (raised $1+ and inactive (have not raised anything). Customize the copy in each to suit.
  • Use and customize this email template to suit your needs.

Target audience

People who have signed up to support you  in a major community event.

Subject line

Less than a week to go until [EventName]!

Email body copy

Dear [FundraiserName],

With less than a week to go until  [EventName] it’s not too late to ask your family, friends and colleagues to help you reach your fundraising target before the event. Simply email your everydayhero fundraising page link to as many people as possible and ask them to support your efforts in  [EventName].

You can also easily share your fundraising page with your social networks by clicking your page’s Facebook and Twitter share buttons. Remember, the more people you tell about your page, the more support you’ll receive and the more you’ll raise.


We’re thrilled that you chose to support [Nonprofit] through you participation in [EventName]. Good luck on race day and we hope you enjoy the experience.

Thank you so much for making a difference.

Kind regards,

The team at  [Nonprofit]


everydayhero  has  plenty of other resources to help you recruit fundraisers in major community events. They include email templates, tips and examples.

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