Step 3: Thanking


The three steps of successful event fundraising with Everydayhero are Recruitment, Coaching & Encouragement and Thanking. The diagram above is a 10-week plan which shows you what tasks to complete in each week leading up to an event. 

The resources on this page will help you with the final step, thanking.

Thank your fundraisers and their sponsors in the two weeks after the event ends. In this step, you aim to:

  • Make your fundraisers feel great about what they've done for you and wanting to do it again.
  • Create new supporters by communicating with the people who donated to your fundraisers.

1. Thank your fundraisers

So, the race has been run and money has been raised for you. Well done! Your work is not done though.

Your highest priority now is thanking your fundraisers.

Let them know they are appreciated for what they have done. It's especially important to recognise them for everything they gave - their effort, voice, sweat, calories burned - as well as the money raised. It all counts.

Download and customise the email template below to thank your team of fundraisers. 

Thank fundraisers

2. Thank their sponsors

When sponsors give to a fundraising page, they can opt-in to hear more from you.

If they want to hear more from you, contact them to thank them for donating to one of your fundraisers.

Tell them more about your cause and how the money they gave will be used. Keep up the communication with these people - they want to know about your cause.

In the future, you can ask them to compete in the event and ask them to become a fundraiser themselves.

Remember to respect each sponsor's communication preferences. If they have not opted-in to hear from you, do not contact them.

You can check their communication preferences in your Everydayhero donation reports. 

Thank sponsors  

3. Keep in touch

Don't lose touch with your event fundraisers. Plan an ongoing calendar of communications and think of other relevant activities they can do for you. Don't just lump them in with your donor database.

It's important to customise your nonprofit's ongoing communications for them. Asking them to make a small donation after raising potentially hundreds of dollars is a quick way to make them feel unvalued for their fundraising efforts and less likely to fundraise for you again. 

Some ideas to keep your fundraisers engaged include:

  • A fundraiser-specific newsletter.
  • Invitations to compete for you in other kinds of events.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Information about how the money they raised is being used.

4. Tips to thank

  • Thank them for everything they gave - time, effort, sweat, calories... and the money.
  • Make them feel good and want to fundraise for you again.
  • Tell them how the money they raised will be used.
  • Keep them updated on the progress of your programs
  • Thank fundraisers as soon as possible after the event. Don't wait!
  • Post on social media and publicly thank fundraisers. Tell your followers about all that they gave for your cause.
  • Tell their fundraising stories to your other supporters. Use them to recruit your team for other events.

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